Janet, A Success Story. March 19. #TSJ

Jess put Janet through her paces this morning completing all her exercises before I arrived to take her to her doctor appointment. That made the rest of the day a bonus for Janet and she took full advantage of it.

This visit to the GP was for Janet’s first full physical since before her injury and she was a little nervous about it. She was all smiles afterward though saying “that went well”. It did, and she’s doing fine. There is some lab work to be done and we stopped on the way home to get her Dilantin levels checked. That is the med that changed dosage last week as Janet’s levels were too high. Today they are in the proper range but no explanation as to why someone who’s gained weight would need less of a drug than before. Oh well.

Once again Janet was pretty tired after a busy morning and happily flopped into our bed after lunch. She slept for a good two hours and when I went in to check on her she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her reasoning was she had to go to the bathroom. She thought if she called me that she would get in trouble for not sleeping so she was just sitting there waiting for me. Seems Janet still has trouble interpreting elapsed time and hasn’t fully grasped the level of priority that going to the bathroom has.

With the sun beaming in we enjoyed a nice dinner together before I took the biggest risk I’ve taken with Janet yet. SheLife is on hiatus for a couple of weeks but the work to be done around the church never ends and I had made arrangements to help tonight. Janet was supposed to be watching the rest of The Sound of Music at Connect with Chelsea but those plans had to change due to staffing issues. That meant Janet had nothing to do at Connect and I didn’t want to give up my time at the church so I let Janet stay home alone for the two hours I would be away. I was way more nervous about it than she but I held myself to two phone calls to check on her and when I got home Janet was starting to wash the dishes after singing her way through the Carrie Underwood version of The Sound of Music. Turns out I had nothing to worry about.

Our return to Connect was a bit of a downer for Janet but after a bit of reading she was ready for sleep and is looking forward to Laurel and Raj visiting tomorrow, mostly so she can have a long weekend at home.

Praying that Janet has lots of energy, a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard tomorrow and every day.

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