Janet, A Success Story. March 17. #TSJ

Another roller coaster type of day from Janet. She had just rung for help in getting out of bed when I got to Connect. The sun was streaming through her window and the smile on her face matched that brightness. Even she said, “I’m in a better mood today”. We enjoyed talking to each other for over half an hour before going to the gym for a Shuttle session. Janet continues to get stronger, not necessarily with how much weight she can push but more along the lines of being able to push using a proper technique. I even caught her a few times bringing her right knee up towards her left one without prompting. High five!

It was Janet’s turn to set the dinner table tonight and she did so quickly without assistance giving herself time to sit in the sun for our first happy hour of the year. Faced with the prospect of some walking practice Janet’s mood shifted to that negative space she was in yesterday. Big Country heard her say she didn’t want to practice walking and chimed in right away with words of encouragement that Janet gave back to him with “what does it mean to you”. His response was perfect, “we are friends”. Janet didn’t have a comeback for that. She remained negative for almost an hour but our discussion was good in that she was talking instead of ranting and she was thinking things through. In the end she agreed to practice and we went up to the parallel bars where she could stand on the two scales. With minimum effort Janet was able to put pretty much equal weight on both legs and get a feel for what it is like to stand in a position that does that. She said she felt like she was falling and she was scared. Good feedback, and hopefully we can find a way of easing her fears. Walking down the hall from her room to the living room was really good with some strong moves from the right leg. After twenty minutes of rest I had her walk back and she did equally well. The break in between and realizing her exercises were done for the day snapped her out of her funk too.

While Janet was getting her meds one of the other residents asked if they could talk and pray with us as they were having some faith issues. Janet of course said yes and we spent forty five minutes talking, listing to music and praying with this person. Janet encouraged them as much as she could and enjoyed the experience saying “it was good we came back here when we did”. She is still a very caring person in spite of the things she says sometimes.

We had a good long reading session and by lights out time Janet was still wide awake. Well maybe not wide but awake enough to be a little upset that I was leaving. Tonight she expressed some sadness at her situation and I’m praying that doesn’t permeate her mind too much and she can focus on how much she has improved and keep working hard to improve more.

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