Janet, A Success Story. March 15. #TSJ

It was late when we went to bed last night but I was still shocked when I looked at the time when we woke this morning, 9:47! What a sleep in! Janet was quite happy about it, giving one her patented fist pumps saying “yay, I slept!” She obviously had and was bright and full of energy which enabled her to get her own breakfast with a minimum of coaching. Since it was practically lunch time as we were eating breakfast I decided we better answer some emails so we could say we got something done. Janet surprised me by remembering how to activate the speech to text feature of gmail and she quickly knew what she wanted to say for each email so it was a quick and painless task.

In discussing last night’s talk by Erwin McManus and checking the schedule for today at the Levite Summit, Kiko confirmed there was another session with Erwin this afternoon. I sort of had to drag Janet there as she was intent on chilling and watching The Voice. I knew the summit would be a better experience and I was right. Janet confidently took her seat then stood and sang for the entire worship set before Wayne came up to introduce communion. Normally people bring the elements to everyone at their seats but today we were asked to walk to the front of the stage and get them ourselves. To my surprise Janet agreed to walk up there with me. It was about fifteen feet one way and on a bit of a sloped floor and Janet handled it impressively. I was a little concerned while we headed back to our seats as I now had only one hand available to her as I held our elements in the other. Janet was strong and deliberate in each step and thanks to the patience of those around us, made it back safe and sound. Huge high five! Janet listened intently to Erwin’s talk and at the end, with a big smile said, “that was great, well worth coming to”. Indeed it was.

Janet went for a nap after a late lunch and slept through our regular church time. She didn’t really want to go as that would’ve been three times in two days so I let her sleep. We were content to have sushi and watch The Voice during dinner before starting to read The Artisan Soul. Janet tired before we could really get into the book but I think she will find it a good reinforcer of what we experienced this weekend.

Praying for full and complete healing and an always positive attitude.

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