Janet, A Success Story. March 14. #TSJ

As soon as Janet was done lunch today we headed for home so she could get a nap in before going to Trinity for the Levite Summit this evening. Her morning was routine and she felt pretty good about the gym session she had.

The sun was shining and that made it hard to sleep this afternoon so after maybe a half hour of shut eye, Janet was up helping get our early dinner ready. We ate it while watching Crave: The Documentary, by Erwin McManus whom we were going to hear speak tonight. The film was shot in Vancouver and centres around Erwin asking people for a positive or negative answer to certain words like, religion, God, Jesus, spirituality. The responses and subsequent interviews are intriguing and provide an insightful look at humanity and the role of the “church”. Janet loved it and that set her up well for the event tonight. It was a concert like atmosphere to start the evening off and Janet stood, smiled and sang along for a long time. She even let go for a few seconds to try and clap along at one point. She found Erwin’s talk to be “really good” and “interesting”. We bought his new book, The Artisan Soul, and look forward to hearing more about how we were all created to create.

Erwin McManus at Trinity

Erwin McManus at Trinity

On a down note Janet has been reluctant lately to interrupt an activity to go to the bathroom and that happened tonight. I’m concerned at how often this is happening as she was doing so well for such a long time. This feels like a set back but maybe its just a blip.

We got home late but Janet wanted ice cream and to watch The Voice so after more singing along in between spoonfuls I got her into bed where she quickly fell asleep. I’m very grateful Janet can participate and enjoy events like the one we attended tonight and love that she can make sense of it all too. Praying for an energetic Janet and a productive Saturday.


  1. Your description of watching “Crave” brought back good memories. We incorporated it into the Global Leadership Summit a few years ago, and it really seemed to awaken something in many Canadian churches. Hope you had a good evening at the event at Trinity; let me know how you enjoy The Artisan Soul; I might add it to my reading list.

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