Janet, A Success Story. March 12. #TSJ

You know the weather is nice when Janet is OK with the sunroof open. Today was one of those days as we left Connect for a visit with John. Janet’s day prior started way too early as she woke up around 4am and rang for help as she couldn’t get back to sleep. By the time I saw her she was well rested and was feeling pleased about what she had accomplished

John seemed much better to us today and there is talk about him leaving the hospital soon and moving into a long term care facility. He seems good with that idea. Please keep him in your prayers.

Our visit with John was quick as it was his dinner time and ours too. We met Cam at Urban Fare as he is in town on business for a couple of days. Cam had lots of interesting news to share and Janet was pleased to hang out with him for a bit.

Tonight was the last SheLife session until after Spring Break and when I met Janet at the end of it she was all grins and giggles saying “it had been a fun time”. I’ve noticed quite a change in Janet over the last eight weeks of this round and feel blessed that she is able to be a part of a group of welcoming and supportive ladies. Thank you all for loving Janet like you do and for helping her recovery. Janet showed everyone how much she has improved by walking with me for about fifteen feet then standing for a group photo before walking back to her wheelchair. There was a time when the attention she got for doing something like that would’ve totally embarrassed her, now she accepts the praise and acknowledges that she is doing better. High five!
SheLife Group

We seem to always get back to Connect on Wednesdays with only enough time to get ready for bed and within minutes of tucking in Janet was asleep, hopefully for the whole night. Praying for lots of energy tomorrow and an increase in strength.

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