Janet, A Success Story. March 8. #TSJ

Today was a day of visiting for Janet and I and it started with a chat in the lobby of Mom’s building with my third grade teacher Mrs. Brett. Janet thought it was hilarious that a teacher from that long ago would still ask about me. I guess she feels she’s the only celebrity in the family.

We drove in the torrential rain to Port Alberni for lunch with the cousins. Janet did well with the drive and had every reason why we moved to Kelowna validated as we sloshed our way along. It was well worth the effort as we got to spend time with some quality people whom we don’t see often enough. Thanks for lunch Marina! And thanks for taking time to hang with us, Richard, Tina, Brent and Kai.

The drive back to Nanaimo wasn’t quite as wet and Janet enjoyed a little nap before we took Mom out for a birthday dinner. The place Mom wanted to go turned out to be an Irish party pub type place so we diverted to the Bayshore Restaurant and had a very nice meal.

My second cousin Katie came over for a visit after dinner and once Janet saw her she remembered her from being at our house in Kelowna a year ago. More signs of improvement. It was really nice to chat with Katie and a good ending to a busy day of visiting for Janet. She hung in there very well, did some good walking and transfers, into the car especially. I’m trying to have her walk as much as possible now as I can see improvement in her balance and stepping ability.

Praying for an uninterrupted night of sleep where daylight savings time has no negative impact on Janet and a safe drive back to Kelowna tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Sounds like a great trip. I love the drive up to Port Alberni, particularly Cathedral Grove. Too bad the weather was so bad. But it sounds like a great time anyways, especially re-connecting with your 3rd grade teacher! Enjoy the rest of the trip…

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