The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Relax

Today was pretty relaxing for Janet. I made her breakfast for her, she started helping me make cannelloni then had to break for a Skype chat with her mom. I had to run to the store and she asked to watch The Sound of Music while I was gone. Bad call on my part as once she started watching there was no stopping her. I must find a way to harness that joy and positiveness she exudes when singing along to something like that. I made lunch and she continued to watch and sing. I did get her to walk from the table to the couch after lunch and then back for a bathroom break later. She did well and hopefully we can do more tomorrow.

After getting some minor help in the kitchen I noticed Janet was in need of a nap which she happily took for an hour or so. After another good transfer from wheelchair to seat at church Janet stood and sang for a long time and loved watching people get baptized tonight. I pray that she will want to make that commitment one day.

We brought home Greek food for dinner and watched Nebraska. Janet was entranced throughout and took practically the whole movie to eat her dinner. It wasn’t quite worthy of a Janet fist pump at the end but it sure got a big smile after some giggles during and an appreciation of the very “real” characters in the film. We highly recommend.

Thanking Jesus for blessing me with time to spend with Janet.


  1. Thanks for the tip re “Nebraska”. We’ve been thinking of checking it out. (Last night we went to see “Non Stop” Skip it). We also watched a few minutes of the outdoor NHL game played in Chicago last night. We felt a little bad for our friends in Chicago, as we were reminded of the snowy, frigid conditions there. But while we’re here in Florida catching a few days of sunshine, I must admit we didn’t feel TOO bad! 🙂

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