The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #walkies

For the first time since way before getting sick, Janet intentionally woke me up. She brushed my chest and said “Are you awake?”. It was almost 8:00 and I had not heard anything but snoring from her all night so wasn’t surprised she was raring to go. What did surprise me was her reasoning for wanting to get up so early. Neither of us like hockey enough to get up at 4am to watch a game so we agreed last night to record the gold medal game and make an effort to have it watched before the scheduled Skype chat with Mary/Gaga at 11. After Janet’s question to me came this comment, “we have to watch the game”. She was genuinely pumped for it and displayed her best recall of short term memory yet in saying that. Up we got and while she watched the start of the game I made her breakfast. It was really nice to be able to fast forward through the intermissions and a little bit near the end to make sure we were done in time. Janet really enjoyed it and was excited Canada won, giving them her patented fist shake as the final horn sounded. It was then safe to make the Skype call.

Janet didn’t have a lot to say this time as I think she was still trying to process the hockey game but she did alright. The rest of the day was wide open and Janet chose to finish watching the figure skating next. Overall, I think the Olympics were a good thing for Janet. It sometimes caused a little too much TV watching but the quality of what we watched and the stories connecting us to the athletes made it very real and understandable to Janet. Good times.

The bulk of the rest of the day was spent scanning old photos and watching the closing ceremony. Janet seems quite determined to complete the sorting and scanning of all her old pictures and she had great fun dating pictures and naming people. In an effort to get her thinking more about being able to walk, I had Janet walk almost everywhere in the house today. She made numerous trips from the table to the couch and back and from the den to the entrance to our room. She never once complained about it or said “I can’t” so that was good and for the most part her steps were deliberate and strong. At least three times today she stopped walking, let go of me and brushed her hair out of her face. I praised her on being able to do that and instead of immediately dismissing the compliment she seemed to take it in and accept it. At least that’s how I’m reading her silence.

There was a little resistance to going back to Connect tonight and I took the opportunity to run down every positive thing she did this weekend and recently in general. Instead of anger and frustration I got calm listening and perhaps a little acceptance. I repeated the weekend’s “wins” for her at bedtime hoping to keep her focussed on positives.

Having gone napless today Janet was asleep before ten tonight and I pray is ready for a week of hard work and progress.

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