The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #welcoming

As I arrived at Connect this afternoon Curtis told me Janet had been lying down for almost an hour. I tried sneaking into her room but she was wide awake and spent the next forty five minutes chatting up a storm. We laughed about the pets we used to own and she couldn’t understand why my childhood dog lived outside all the time. That’s what real dogs do I told her but she wasn’t buying it. We both fail to understand why anyone would own a cat.

With all of her exercises done in the first part of the day I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do all evening. There were no emails to reply to, hint hint, and Janet, as chatty as she was wasn’t into doing any speech exercises so we just talked until dinner time. Janet had seen some of the Ice Dancing competition this morning but really wanted to watch it tonight so we fired up the iPad and started watching in her room. I gave Janet the option of watching on one of the actual tv’s at Connect but she was happy to hang in her room. Just so she didn’t get too complacent I asked Janet to stand for a while which she did using her dresser for balance and putting weight through her right leg until she said it was sore. Brian stopped by for a nice chat and invited us to an Acquired Brain Injury stakeholder meeting at Connect that Interior Health is hosting in a week or so. I’m looking forward to reporting on our experience in the health care system. Soon after Brian’s visit one of the residents asked to talk to us as he was wanting some spiritual help. Janet was very welcoming to him and disconnected herself from the skating immediately and focused on her neighbour. We spent a nice half hour listening, praying and sharing with this man and I believe it not only helped him tonight but also Janet. She offered some insight into her world that I haven’t heard her share with anyone before. I was questioning the decision to just watch tv tonight but if we weren’t doing that in Janet’s room we wouldn’t have had the chance to help someone a little. God at work.

After watching and judging the Ice Dancing competition it was time for bed so we could read Long Walk to Freedom. The book is getting more interesting but we are both having trouble with the African names and words. Janet stayed awake for almost half an hours worth tonight. Her longest run so far.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and for Janet’s neighbour to find peace and strength and Love.

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