The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TV

Following our tradition of not participating in “Hallmark Holidays”, Janet declined to go to the Connect Valentines Party this morning and instead went to the gym. That’s my girl! She was in bed but awake when I went to pick her up this afternoon and we headed home right away.

Janet knew what the basic plan for this weekend is and listed off the main items for me. Her memory keeps on improving. When I gave her options for after dinner tonight she chose to watch the Olympics. My suggestion of a night without TV was met with laughter and a “yeah right”. The former Janet would have been all over that.

After choosing what to have, Janet helped me make dinner before settling in on the couch to watch the Men’s Figure Skating which we had recorded. We were both disappointed with the performances overall but Janet still enjoyed watching it all and had some poignant comments about some of the skaters. It’s fun to watch things with her that she is actual paying attention to.

Today was a bright day for Janet with excellent memory skills, good transfers and lots of smiles. We’ve discontinued her watch alarm reminder for meds time and she asked for her pills with just a little prompting from me tonight. Praying for a good night’s sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

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