The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #coffee

Since I was working at CedarCreek again today, Garrett took Janet to KGH this morning for an appointment with Julie the splint lady. Janet’s right arm and hand have maintained an impressive range of motion and with the Botox in full effect it was time to modify her splint. Julie was able to flatten the hand portion out considerably and narrow the whole splint so that it fits easier into Janet’s jacket. When I asked Janet how that appointment went she got all excited about how pleased Julie was with how she’s doing but mostly with how her and Garrett went for coffee after then she had another coffee when they got back to Connect. That explains why she was sleeping when I showed up at 4:15. She had put herself to bed again around 3:30 and asked Curtis to remove her AFO and flip the blankets over her, otherwise she did it all herself. Pretty cool.

Janet got up in time for dinner then we went to the last basketball game of the season at UBCO. Transferring to her seat was a little challenging tonight as Janet was still kind of tired but with help from an innocent bystander she made it. We watched the second half of the women’s game and the first half of the men’s with Janet commenting she finds the guys difficult to follow as its so much faster. Her scoreboard reading was solid and she thought it was pretty cool that I caught a ball that came out of bounds and threw it back to the ref. I did feel pretty special.

Back to Connect late again, Janet was determined to start reading Long Walk to Freedom so she sped through her nighttime routine. Unfortunately what we read was all set up for the main part of the book and Janet did not find it very interesting. I’m sure it will improve soon.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and a great weekend at home.

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