The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Bright

Another busy day of exercise for Janet today and she seemed OK with it all. When I got to Connect she was just finishing a solo trip to the bathroom and she mentioned that she was “allowed to go to bed all by myself today”. That meant getting to her room, transferring from her wheelchair into bed with the covers pulled back then getting in without anyone supervising or assisting. I believe she can do it and my only hesitation is that she needs to use the transfer pole but I guess the independence is worth more.

We took off as soon as I got there so we could grab some dinner before SheLife. Janet seemed a whole lot brighter to me today and was quite talkative, not always positive, but at least talkative. She wasn’t hugely confident going in to SheLife but was willing to give it another go. Good thing she did as both Heidi and her said it went much better tonight. Janet was able to stand and sing, understand some of the video presentation and participate in the table discussion. Her big comment on the night was “everyone took time to tell me I am valued”. Of course you are. Janet has been expressing a lot of self doubt and making negative comments about all the things that don’t work right for her lately. I’m happy we have an appointment with Dr. Miller next week as he is very good at discussing those feelings with Janet. She doesn’t stay focussed on the negatives too long but her expression of them has become more frequent.

In getting back to Connect so late from SheLife we only had a few minutes to start reading Long Walk to Freedom and Janet was disappointed by that. There’s something to look forward to tomorrow. Praying for a restful night of sleep and a bright and productive Thursday.

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