The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #SheLife

My time with Janet was short today as I completed bottling at CedarCreek until next week and when I got to Connect it was time to take off for dinner and SheLife. Janet was in good spirits waiting for me in the living room and feeling proud of herself for spending “over and hour” in the gym this morning. Sounds like she’s making a real effort to get her exercises done in the AM which is when Janet says she does better. For the most part that’s true and I’m encouraged by her willingness to them at all.

Janet was pretty quiet during dinner and told me she did have a rest but it was early and she didn’t think she slept at all. That was a bad sign heading into SheLife as the topic this time is a little deep and Janet is finding it a challenge to understand. She came away from tonight’s session a little upset that she doesn’t get it and was hinting at not going back but I offered to help her with the materiel this weekend and she accepted, remembering how it helped to read about the last sessions topic the night before each meeting. Worth a try.

As always on SheLife night it’s bedtime by the time we get back to Connect. I read to Janet who was in and out of sleep but quite awake as I finished and wanted me to read more. I had to say no as, if I stay too late at Connect I get locked in to the place. Not a bad thing to have happen and if it wasn’t for our dog at home I would let it happen once in a while. Not tonight though.

Praying for full and complete healing and for a productive day tomorrow.

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