The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #dinnerout

Janet had just laid down for her afternoon nap and was not yet sleeping when I got to Connect this afternoon so I scooped her up and took her home so she could nap there before our dinner date tonight. She had done a decent amount of exercise during the morning and seemed quite bright and excited about going out for dinner. For a few months now our realtor, Les, has been trying to get us out for dinner with him and his wife, Dianne, as a closing present for us. The hook was that another couple would join us, his boss, Cliff, and his wife Barb who was in rehab at KGH with Janet almost the entire time Janet was there. Tonight was finally the night we could all connect at Bouchons. Janet was concerned with what she could wear as the shoes she needs to wear with her AFO are rather ugly and unfortunately I never thought of just using the ankle brace until it was too late. That meant no dress for Janet and both pairs of dress pants are too small for her now so she had to settle for regular pants and a nice shirt with a little bling. She looked fabulous of course as we headed out with Janet saying “I hope these people like me”. She knows Les of course but was having a hard time remembering Cliff and Barb and I assured her they remember her and always liked her a lot. As soon as Barb walked into the restaurant Janet’s face lit up as she remembered Barb from the countless unpleasant hospital meals they shared. Tonight was the polar opposite of that with both ladies demonstrating amazing recoveries. It was a very very enjoyable evening that tuckered Janet out to the point that when we got home she just wanted to get ready for bed and have me read to her. I did and she fell asleep within ten minutes then woke up and begged me to read more, I did and she fell asleep within three minutes then woke again saying read more. I did until she fell asleep for what I pray will be a night of re-energizing sleep so we can enjoy a productive Saturday.

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