The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #baking

Slow out of the gate again this morning Janet was full of energy so I guess letting her sleep in was a good thing. With coffee in hand she had a good Skype chat with Laurel before we watched the Men’s Championship match from the Aussie Open. Janet was cheering for Rafael Nadal but learned to like his opponent, Stanislas Wawrinka, who ended up winning. Janet seems to be able to really connect with the tennis players as they are not all covered up as other athletes are and there are only two on a court with TV providing plenty of close ups. She enjoys hearing their stories and really does get emotionally connected to what she’s watching. The Aussie Open was great fun and hopefully there is more tennis in our future.

Not having all the supplies needed to continue our work with Janet’s memorabilia we decided to try some baking. Yikes! It actually was a lot of fun as Janet was eager and knowledgeable and able to help quite a bit. I had to run to the store for eggs and when I returned Janet had most of the other ingredients out on the counter ready to go. We made Janet’s famous lemon squares and in the true spirit of baking are giving them away to an unsuspecting couple. I hope they turned out!

Janet faded late in the afternoon and had a very long nap not getting up until almost six o’clock. Again, it seemed to do her good as we enjoyed a nice dinner which I got ready as she talked to Andrew on Skype. She was able to keep the conversation going for a decent amount of time and only looked to me for answers a few times. She’s getting close to being able to initiate these chats on her own so beware.

Dinner was late and so were The Grammys so by the time we got back to Connect it was time for bed and a little reading. Janet enjoyed a leisurely weekend and hopefully is recharged and ready to tackle the week ahead. Praying for complete healing and thanking God for all we are blessed with.

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