The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #SheLife

Today was the fifth anniversary of Connect Communities and the whole place celebrated with a little party that Janet attended. I think the birthday cake gave her enough of a sugar high to keep her going the rest of the day. She was in a good mood when I arrived and looking forward to SheLife at Trinity this evening. Jess reported that Janet covered off everything in the gym this morning without arguing. She wasn’t thrilled about any of it but she did it. There was an attempt at a nap that turned out to be just rest time with some music on and that seemed to be enough as Janet was pretty bright the whole time I was with her today. We had a chat with Brian to ensure we are on the same page as far as the next round of Botox goes. He feels that focusing on the right leg with a little attention to the right wrist and fingers is a good plan and is pleased with the improvements Janet is showing.

One of the benefits of SheLife starting at six thirty is we get to go out for dinner beforehand. Dinner at Connect is not typically served in time to make the twenty minute drive in afterwards so Janet gets a treat. Tonight she selected sushi and after a few miscalculated attempts got her chop sticks working nicely and said she was “stuffed” as we made our way to the church. During our dinner Janet remembered by the date that it was her sister Leslie’s birthday today and gave her a quick happy birthday phone call that contained as much laughter as it did talking.

Janet propelled herself all the way from the car into the church then to the room SheLife is held in and is getting more and more confident out on her own all the time. Heidi graciously accepted Janet at her table again as Janet had hoped and by all accounts at the end of the evening this will be a good activity for Janet. She loves being in a room full of women talking even if she doesn’t say much herself.

After her evening routine was complete we read for a while before saying goodnight after a successful day. Praying for a solid night of sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow.

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