The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #memories

Even Janet commented she slept well last night and she was up in decent time this morning and did a good job making her toast and coffee. I still have to verbally coach her through the toaster oven controls but she listened and followed my instructions well this morning. Once we had roughly mapped out our day it was time for the Skype chat with Mary/Gaga. Once again I left Janet on her own and only had to feed her a few questions, otherwise she conversed well. There certainly aren’t anymore issues with the volume of her voice during these chats. Our neighbour, Bonnie, came by for a visit this morning. Janet recognized her but couldn’t quite figure out who she was at first. Bonnie and her husband will be away during the Olympics and asked if we would record the figure skating so she and Janet could watch it together when they get back. Janet is excited to do so and it will be interesting to see how much of it she remembers when watching with Bonnie. Heather and Laurel were up next for a Skype chat and Janet managed that call with very little input from me as well.

The sun came out today and so did we, enjoying a nice walk to part of our new neighbourhood we hadn’t been to yet. We really do live in a great walking area and as soon as it warms up I see no reason why Janet can’t propel herself around a lot of it. Janet refuses to get off the grilled cheese for lunch train so I had her make the dang thing herself today and she did a reasonable job only needing help cutting the tomato and flipping the sandwich.

As we were purging our old house we agreed that after we got settled in the new one we’d make an effort at organizing our photos and memorabilia and today we made a start at that. Janet had a bin full of such treasures and we sorted them all out and made decisions as to how to make them useful. There are lots of things from Janet’s school years and her memory is very sharp in that area. She was naming names and telling stories about all sorts of things with no hesitation, even showing me past boyfriends, something she was shy to do before. We had fun and tomorrow will put some things into a book so they can be enjoyed instead of buried in a bin.

I’m getting more and more confident in Janet’s ability to propel herself around public places and she seems to be as well. She didn’t need help in the church parking lot at all tonight nor did she inside. Getting to a standing position from sitting was a challenge all day for some reason though. You could see the wheels turning but the body not responding and it would take her three or four tries to get up. By bedtime though she was doing it brilliantly. Go figure. I let Janet wheel around a little on her own after church and she visited with a few people without me and I hope she enjoyed those moments of independence. Kiko and Joel had blessed us with a gift card to Bluetail Sushi, a place we hadn’t been to before and tonight was the night to check it out. We approve and were especially entertained by the flaming plate that the Double Salmon came on.

Janet was so full of sushi she declined ice cream tonight and went to bed after watching a little Aussie Open. Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and a productive and joyful tomorrow. Go ‘hawks!

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