The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #lazyday

Janet woke me up this morning and before breakfast agreed to have a bath. We are getting that activity running better and keeping Janet warmer each time. Breakfast again was Janet’s choice and she went to her default toast and coffee. She then had a nice Skype chat with her mom before settling in for some football watching. We were not that into today’s games but did watch some and used halftime of the first game to walk around the couch again. Janet did even better today, moving in a more consistent rhythm and pushing her right foot a little farther forward.

We noticed that the US Figure Skating Championships were on and I know how much Janet likes skating so we watched the last hoot of it and she really enjoyed that. She commented on each skater with some genuine expertise and I hate to admit but showed as much enthusiasm for the skating as she does football. It was fun to watch with her and we look forward to the Olympics.There was an attempt at having a nap this afternoon which only resulted in maybe twenty minutes of sleep. Janet was tired but not tired enough I guess. I had her start to help me with dinner but she got distracted by the Golden Globes and ended up watching that while I cooked.

Complaing she was tired I encouraged her to ride the bike back at Connect and she did so valiantly and after a little dessert she hopped into bed so I could read to her. Expecting her to fall asleep rapidly I was instead presented with a very chatty and giggly Janet the entire hour that I read to her. She had lots to say about the story and I was concerned she’d have trouble falling asleep tonight but leaving her in a good mood at Connect is just as good as leaving her super tired so I said goodnight looking forward to tomorrow.

Praying for a deep and healing sleep and lots of energy for a busy tomorrow.

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