The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #learning

I half expected to find Janet napping when I got to Connect this afternoon but she was very much awake and was hanging out in her room saying she’d given up on TV. That’s good, the last thing I want her doing during the day is watching TV but I guess sometimes that’s the only option. She was pretty firm on not having a nap so after the daily debrief we set about to book our trip to Ottawa for Heather and Allan’s wedding. Janet helped me select flight times then she composed an email for a hotel reservation request. She did most of it typing and some voice to text which worked pretty good this time. Janet also sent a little email to Heather announcing we had booked the flights. That one she typed all alone. High five!

Brian dropped by for a long overdue chat with the highlight being he will talk to Tez to see if he is onboard with weaning Janet off of the transfer poles now that she is capable of getting out of her wheelchair without them. We are sure he will be. Janet seems a little nervous about it but Brian reminded her that if she wants to walk, getting up and down on her own will help where using a pole will not. I could tell that really hit home with her. Janet was engaged during our chat and commented after that Brian has a nice smile. Good thing he’s married.

Janet deferred dinner in order to get her bike ride in and that decision paid off with a personal best tying performance. Unfortunately I haven’t had Janet in the gym with enough energy to do any one legged biking except for a brief attempt a couple days ago. Hopefully we can do that before she comes home Friday as Tez wanted her doing that as much as possible to try and build strength.

Things were pretty quiet after dinner. Janet tried a little walking from her room and only made it into the hallway before complaining her legs hurt too much. She said she was OK standing and waiting for me to get the wheelchair but I wasn’t confident so I had her turn and walk so she could lean against the wall for the five seconds it would take me. Worked fine. Janet wanted her nails painted so I put on some YouTube and cleaned and painted her in a nice Merlot colour before getting ready for bed. The reading of Open lasted only a few pages tonight before Janet was snoring. She had a pretty good day and is really catching on to the iPad and working her way around Gmail. Her typing was solid today and she was hilarious speaking for the voice to text stuff we did and clearly is learning each time she does something. No longer is she forgetting things minutes afterward. Her long term memory is coming back too. While she was riding the bike, Stevie Wonder’s name was mentioned on the radio and Janet remembered she had gone to a concert of his back in her high school days. She was pretty proud of herself for remembering that.

Praying for a solid night of sleep and a fun day tomorrow with my mom visiting for the weekend.

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