The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #friends

No sleep in today but getting ready for breakfast seemed to take longer than normal so it was a little on the late side by the time we got that started. The house is a little fuller now that Cam is here and Janet enjoyed the extra activity this morning. Heather gave her mom a nice manicure after breakfast which included a trendy accent nail that Janet for some reason rejected. I thought it was cool but she felt it wasn’t her. Another sign of her getting better as a couple of months ago we could have gotten away with that one easily.

The afternoon was spent visiting with a few friends we haven’t been able to see in quite a while. Janet was happy to have a house full of people and the energy that brings. I think she may have been a little overwhelmed at times and it seemed like if things were too much for her she turned her attention to the Seahawks game. All day long she refused my offers of a glass of wine and that was likely a good call on her part as she was able to power through the day without a nap. I thought for sure she would crash soon after dinner but she got that second wind and made it through A Christmas Story when neither Heather or Laurel did. I think one thing that helped Janet gain that extra energy was a little time spent on the Karaoke Channel singing a few Christmas Carols. I asked her which one she wanted to sing and she simply said “just play one and I’ll sing it”. And that she did.

We are truly blessed to have a home with which we can welcome friends and family into and it was fun having good friends over today. Gatherings like that are far more valuable than any sort of Christmas present and are also an important part of Janet’s rehabilitation. Thanks to those that shared their time with us today. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep for Janet and more confidence in using her right leg.

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