The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Decorating

I never got a chance to talk to Randy today but I am declaring the renovation complete as of yesterday! Seventy three days of hard work by Randy to turn a nice house into our home. Thanks and great job!

Jess and Garrett thankfully put Janet through her paces this morning knowing this was the last chance before the Christmas break. A shower, the Shuttle, the bike, stretching, a full meal deal and Janet seemed pleased about it in telling me how it all went. She knows she needed to take advantage of the opportunity before coming home. The atmosphere around Connect has been very positive lately and combined with the goal of coming home has helped Janet to stay focused. Everyone from her house was in the lobby taking a group photo when I arrived and Janet very loudly invited me into it. Her voice has really improved over the last month and I credit the singing, including the antics at the dinner table with Big Country.

We got all packed up and made the snowy drive home with Janet getting excited when she recognized we were on a street very close to the house. After a happy reuniting with Heather and some lunch the girls got down to the business of decorating.
There was singing and laughing and in the end, a very Christmassy looking home. Janet contributed by directing Laurel and Heather at times and by hanging ornaments on the tree. It sounded like fun and wore Janet out just enough that she agreed to a little siesta before dinner. Laurel and Heather made dinner for us tonight and it was really nice to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal. I reminded Janet her wheelchair is for moving around in and if she’s going to be in a certain spot for a long time she should be in a real chair. Following that policy Janet did a lot of standing transfers today, most of which were pretty good and I’m sure will improve over the holidays. One thing that has improved for Janet is her awareness regarding going to the bathroom. As long as she’s awake she is able to get to the toilet on time almost always, certainly enough to try going without the pull up briefs she’s been wearing for so long and switch into panty liners during the day. Today was day one and it was a success.

Neither of the girls had seen the Carrie Underwood version of The Sound of Music yet so Janet was all over watching that with them after dinner. I’m sure this marks well past the hundredth time Janet has seen some version of the story and she seems to enjoy it equally each time, singing almost word for word the whole way through.

Today was a good start to Christmas for Janet and tomorrow promises more excitement as Cam arrives in the evening. Praying for an uninterrupted night of sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

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