The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Stronger

Renovation Day 70. The Den is now officially useable as a second bedroom complete with wall mounted TV. Randy, I’m assuming, worked from home today and I hope for his sake is nearing the end.

Jess reported that Janet had a great first part of the day today starting with the dreaded shower but right after breakfast they went to the gym and even Janet said it went well and felt better going there first thing. Shuttle and stretching took place there before going upstairs for walking practice. Jess had Janet focus a lot on side stepping this morning and I know Janet is getting pretty good at that and its good practice for being able to flex her right leg out. After her workouts Janet helped Jess prepare dinner for tonight so it was quite the busy morning.

I found Janet in bed but wide awake when I arrived and after hearing her version of the day we started writing her Christmas cards to the Connect staff and residents. Janet’s handwriting is still pretty messy and inconsistent but mostly legible so it was appropriate that she write all the cards. She needed a break after the first eight or so and that helped reset her to a reasonably neat style. Once she was done it was dinner time and she couldn’t wait to hand out cards to those that were there along with a happy face lolly pop with each one. She very confidently went about distributing them and was genuinely pleased when I told her she did well.

As a Christmas present to Tiffany, Janet agreed to do a little walking after dinner. I had her set up at the door to her room with the goal of getting to her bed which is about twelve feet away. Tiffany was busy with Wes for a few minutes so I asked Janet to try and stand from her chair using only the armrest as support. After a few attempts she got about half way up but couldn’t quite push the rest of the way. A very solid effort and proof of increasing strength. There is a technique to that move that I’m not sure of so its on the to do list with Tez tomorrow. Walking to the bed was slow and not Janet’s best and she complained a little about the ankle brace being loose. It was a good effort considering the time and the busy day she’d already had. That didn’t stop her from wanting to go for a bike ride though and for the first time she did her ride at level four! There was some early whining that it was hard but by the end she had still averaged the same she does at level three so again, proof she’s getting stronger.

That pretty much played Janet out and we relaxed watching The Voice to close out the night. Janet sang along to a few of the songs and is finally cheering for my pick since hers is out. We plan on staying up late tomorrow to see who wins. Praying for a restful night that provides energy, focus and brightness for a busy day tomorrow.

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