The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Tree

Renovation Day 68. No renovating at the house today. Randy probably worked at home but hopefully not hard.

Janet was impressed how we woke up at the same time this morning. I said it was my motherly instincts. From what I could tell, she had a good night of rest and was eager to start the day. It was a little later than I had planned on so I served her breakfast this morning and will make sure she helps tomorrow. She had a nice Skype chat with her mom after breakfast commenting after that ” I always talk well with my mom”. Indeed.

Our mission today was to get our Christmas tree, shop for an exercise bike for the house, shop for some kitchen stuff and a book. We got a decent start on the exercise bike and it appears as though anything mass market is not going to work. The pedals are the main issue as standard ones are too small and have no way of securing Janet’s feet to them. The bike she uses at Connect basically has a snowboard boot type of binding on it and it works brilliantly. We have a guy at Rocky Mountain Fitness checking on a similar machine for us. Janet was a little confused after that stop but took comfort in knowing the guy will be researching for us. The kitchen store we went to was a bust but the book store was successful. The other night Janet recited most of Twas the Night Before Christmas from memory so I wanted to have a copy to read and have her read too. With that story in mind we made our way to the Christmas tree lot and Janet chose the second tree we looked at. We talked a little before arriving if we wanted to keep buying real trees and Janet thought yes. Even after being out in the cold to get this one she still thinks that so we will.

We set the tree up after a late lunch with Janet picking a good spot for it in our new house. It’s amazing the decision you have to make sometimes. Church was full of wonderful music tonight followed by celebrity Janet being visited by a seemingly larger crowd each week causing us to not make it out of the building until well after seven again. I asked Janet if she likes all these people talking to her and complimenting her so much. She said she does and “it’s nice to hear those things”. Finally! Keep it up folks.

Janet requested the movie Home Alone tonight as she had watched a little of it with Big Country before I picked her up yesterday. She thoroughly enjoyed it and said “that’s the best movie ever!” When I reminded her she said that after The Sound of Music she clarified that Home Alone is just funny.

There was no formal exercise for Janet today but she did wear her ankle brace all day with no discomfort and she felt her ankle was better supported. I noticed her standing transfers were improved because of her foot position and she felt more confident. Praying for a great night of sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

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