The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Party

Renovation Day 60. The electrician was here first thing this morning and finally completed the electrical work! Randy was here too and put in a couple more drawers, re installed the bathroom mirrors and built a wheelchair ramp at the garage entrance. A few weeks ago I had mentioned to the Strata my concern about condensation on some of the windows in the mornings. Valley Glass came by this afternoon and measured for the replacement of two of our windows and maybe more depending on what the Strata thinks. A good day of progress.

Because of the busy morning we were up early and its a good thing too. Once breakfast was done Janet and I started getting the place ready for our house dedication party tonight. Janet was a good assistant all day doing a variety of tasks from sorting to decorating, helping to cook, arranging furniture and cleaning.

We made a run for a few last minute groceries and to pick up some macaron from Sandrine. Janet hadn’t seen Sandrine for quite a long time and they had a brief but warm reunion with Janet saying to me with a big smile afterwards, “she’s really nice”. And she makes awesome desserts!

Janet faded soon after our late lunch and called her own nap time wanting to be as awake as possible for tonight. That was a good call as she slept for two hours and I think would have gone more if I let her but it was time to get really busy. There was still food to prepare and wine glasses to put out and Janet had to get into her new party dress. Despite our best efforts we got way behind schedule and with thirty minutes to go and Janet’s dress half on, the gate phone rang. Thankfully it was Courtney who went to work right away and saved our butts big time.

Janet was super excited about people coming over tonight and when the first folks arrived she opened the door and greeted them with an enthusiasm I’ve not seen in a long time. Her eyes sparkled all night with only a few moments where I noticed things maybe overwhelming her a little. According to Janet she liked all the people that were here tonight and they are “very nice people and fun, and our new neighbours are all very nice too”. It was an enjoyable evening and is hopefully the first of many more.

Still pumped up from the party Janet took a little while to wind down after the last guests left. We opened the cards and gifts that some people brought then watched a little TV until yawning became the thing Janet was doing the most of.

I feel tonight did Janet a lot of good. She was shown how a lot of grown up intelligent people love her, how many of those have been beside her since she got sick and how blessed we are to have a home with which we can welcome our family, old friends, new friends, and soon to be friends. Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep.

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