The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #workhard

Renovation Day 57. Randy worked from home today while I hung a few more pictures and cleaned some areas up. I was also able to retrieve our wine and spirits from Barb and Gary’s house now that we have a place to put it. Thanks for looking after it you guys!

Janet was all snuggly in bed still when I got to Connect around four. Her day had not been as physically demanding as I had hoped but she was tired from some mental exercise. She attended a group meeting this morning which seems to be helping her come to terms with what has happened to her as I asked her what she talked about there and she said, “why I’m here, because of my aneurysm, X Ray, last year”. Made me laugh but also proud that she could say that. Unfortunately because of other things going on in the house that meeting took Janet’s gym time away which meant she had a very busy evening with me.

Allowed to choose the order of her exercises it was off to the bike first where Janet put in a solid performance while enjoying singing along to some familiar songs on the radio. Dinner provided a break and a chance to build some energy but the best item on her plate for that she’s decided she doesn’t like anymore. Janet used to gobble up any Quinoa dish but is now adamantly saying no to it. Too bad, because its really good for her.

Next up was sling walking and when Janet figured out what she’d gotten herself into she was none too happy. Big Country and Willie were in the room with her, Curtis and I and they cheered her on to the point where she worked really hard and showed good improvement from the last time I saw her doing this. Her right leg requires assistance still and Janet needs to trust the sling more but she’s getting there. To help her gain some trust we let her hang in the sling and try to get back to her wheelchair from about ten feet away. She made it but we don’t want to encourage doing that, we just want her to know she can’t fall.

The last exercise of the day was in the form of the Standing Frame and Janet stood very straight and strong for forty five minutes earning a dessert of mandarin oranges and Tootsie Rolls as we watched The Voice. That was pretty much the only time she stopped in the six and a half hours I was with her today and a lot of her work was hard. I had left a note for Garrett and Jess that Janet was not using her wheelchair footrest around the house and she didn’t all day. I thought all she could handle was the short trips from her room to the kitchen or living room but she went once all the way to the gym then again even farther to the parallel bars for sling walking. Of course there was lots of complaining and saying “I can’t” but she did it and is getting better at it already. Janet is not propelling with her right leg at all but is managing to move it in concert with the left one. A big improvement.

All of Connect was talking about Janet’s singing session with John today as Big Country and Kieran joined them for some Christmas Carolling. Janet said it was a lot of fun and those that I talked to that heard them said they were pretty good. Hopefully they will perform at the Christmas party coming up in a couple of weeks.

Praying for a night of uninterrupted and healing sleep that provides Janet with lots of energy for more exercises tomorrow.

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