The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Home

Renovation Day 53. I finally got the dining room light installed and purchased what I hope will be good replacements for the way too hot halogen lamps under the cabinets. LED all the way baby. Randy came in and did the backsplash in both bathrooms and is almost done cutting, priming and spraying the shelves and doors for the kitchen.

To my surprise Janet was in bed when I got to Connect. I thought she’d be packed and waiting for me so she could go home for the weekend. She told me she thought maybe I changed my mind about when I was coming to get her so she decided to have a little rest. Her day had been busy starting with a shower, breakfast, The Shuttle, stretching, lunch then Sling Walking. I think a rest was totally appropriate. I’m not hearing any real complaining about the workouts now, they are still hard and they tire her out but there has been a shift in attitude and I think it’s due to Janet realizing she is making progress.

We stopped at Save On for some supplies then hung out at home where I encouraged Janet to do as much on her own as possible. She was able to get herself a glass of water, get numerous cooking tools for me, access the fridge and freezer, set the table and started to learn how to operate the cooktop and the oven. She never once complained about not being able to do something and went about each task determined to get it right.

Sitting down having dinner gave us a chance to look closely at our new house and Janet is very pleased with how it’s turning out. One thing we haven’t figured out yet is the furniture configuration in the living area and Janet came up with a good suggestion tonight that we’ll try for a while and see how it goes. The first test for it came as we watched X Factor and I think she may be on to something. We enjoyed the show and Janet came up with a very valid analysis as we discussed the results. We questioned how her choice to win it all ended up in the bottom three and Janet surmised that perhaps it was because she performed first and by the time everyone else had gone they forgot about her. I thought that was brilliant and very possible. As to why my choice was eliminated, Janet agreed that she just never moved out of her comfort zone enough to win a broader audience. Janet doesn’t always look like she’s engaged in something but tonight’s discussion is proof that the wheels are always turning and producing useful and retrievable data.

The bedtime routine was easier tonight as they are fewer things to trip over in the bathroom and bedroom. Janet will try the left side of the bed again this weekend and I think she can figure out how to manoeuvre from that side just fine.

I feel blessed to have Janet home this weekend and we look forward to sharing it with Laurel starting tomorrow. Praying for a deep and healing sleep tonight and lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

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