The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Babysteps

Renovation Day 50. Wow, 50?, really? Crazy. Randy installed almost all of the kitchen drawers today as well as the shelves for the remaining two closets. That means Janet will come home tomorrow after lunch to help load stuff into those spaces. I installed some towel bars, a new smoke alarm and started installing the dining room light.

As reported earlier Janet took her first steps using a cane today and we are still very excited about that. Here’s the video I shot this afternoon with her walking in the hallway assisted by Tez and Jess.

These are baby steps for sure and more of a confidence booster than anything else. Janet fully realizes and accepts how well she did today and that is the biggest win in my mind.

By the time we had settled down from all that excitement it was after four and Janet was feeling pretty tired so she went for a little pre dinner nap. That enabled her to get in a decent bike ride after dinner starting out at level two but asking for the pedalling to be made easier ten minutes in so I dropped it back down to 1.5 respecting how much the walking had taken out of her. Curtis informed me later that Jess had Janet on the bike yesterday starting at level three then dropping to two and Janet tolerated that well. As long as she’s not too tired I’ll get her going like that as well. She can handle it.

To be productive before watching The Voice Janet wanted to do some reading so we downloaded a book to the iPad in hopes she could read off of that easier. I had her read the opening quote in the book and she read seven lines with only two prompts from me along the way so I think this will work well. We chose the book Open by Andre Agassi and are enjoying it so far.

Janet stayed very alert throughout the reading and also for The Voice. Our contestants are both safe again and Janet is starting to remember some names from the show. Our bedtime chat included some serious thinking on Janet’s part triggered by her physical success today. She asked why she got sick and repeatedly mentioned she doesn’t want to be a waste. Instead of the old very emotional statements like that these were stated quite seriously with a hint of emotion. We had a really good talk in which I was able to reaffirm the many positives that have come in the last eighteen months. I sense a real turning point in Janet’s recovery and look forward to what she will accomplish in the near future.

Janet and I send our prayers and love to Heidi and her family today as they grieve the passing of her mother. Heidi and Jack are key members of Team Save Janet and inspiring examples of how to live out a life of faith and love.

Thanking our Lord and Saviour for all He provides and praying for complete healing.


  1. Oh my golly Janet! Your progress (in SO MANY areas) brought me to tears this morning. All glory to God and kudos to you for your determination and tenacity! You are such an inspiration. Keep up the great work!
    Larry, there are no words to describe my admiration and respect for you my friend. You live love. Bless you.

  2. Crying tears of amazement and happiness for your accomplishments, Janet. Soo proud of what you, Larry and God’s love have done! You are an inspiration. Keep it up, Janet!

  3. thank you Wendy for putting into words what I was thinking (but didn’t seem to be able to
    say)! Janet and Larry, you are amazing.

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