The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #fall

Renovation Day 44. I spent the day moving stuff around and getting the TVs up and running. Randy continued building closets and we now have two that are ready to be filled up. Yeah!

Connect called me this morning to say that Janet had fallen out of bed. She is fine, has a few small marks on her face and was able to tell me this afternoon that she remembered falling but not why. Only that she was rolling over in bed. It is very unlike Janet to toss and turn a lot in bed so I’m really not sure how this happened other than she does tend to sleep really close to the left side of the bed and that could have been part of it. Jess suggested to Janet that she just take it easy today and Janet was all over that. When I arrived in the afternoon she was in good spirits and showing to real signs of damage other than a bruised left cheek. We were going to leave right away to work at the house but I convinced her to try and have a nap first and she did so for about an hour.

Janet commented on seeing the house that “it really looks like a home”. As it should after all this time. We didn’t have much time to spend there before SHElife so we made some decisions on what will go where in the kitchen so Randy knows how to build the shelves in the cupboards then we went for a quick dinner before SHElife. Janet chose Urban Fare and had the same curried mango chicken wrap and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

A very bubbly Janet met me in the church lobby after her session with the ladies and she had that really bright look in her eyes again. She was pleased she “got to say stuff” and answer questions and was prayed for. An excellent evening for Janet.

After asking Curtis for her drugs, Janet wound down by watching a little TV then hit the bed promising not to fall out. I had her get as far into the middle of the bed as she could to start the night in hopes that helps keep her in. Falling out was funny when she was doing her Houdieno act but not now. Praying for a safe and sleep filled night and complete and rapid healing.

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