The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #citylightkelowna

Renovation Day 40. Another busy and productive day, lots of baseboards on, painting almost finished, closets designed and the place cleaned up a little in preparation for our stuff arriving Monday. #excited.

It was later than I wanted by the time I got to Connect today and Janet was in bed again, awake and chatty. It was time to leave for church though so the chatting with me would have to wait. That didn’t stop Janet from chatting with Kieran who ended up coming to church with us. Not sure if Janet invited him or if he invited himself, but I figured it was cool if he came along and it was. Kieran had never been to a church before and was a little nervous going in but when I asked afterwards how it was, he said he felt at peace and thought it was interesting and he liked the music. It was not what he expected. Scott delivered a strong message tonight highlighting the #citylightkelowna initiative where our church hopes to have everyone doing random acts of kindness throughout the community. Kieran was in the spirit of that yesterday as he had everyone sign a card for the injured and off work Karl. Janet enjoyed having him there and everyone we met made Kieran feel welcome. Janet stood for the first couple of songs again then once more during the service. She wasn’t quite as strong today and she was doing the flamingo a lot. We gave Kieran the choice of dinner type and he chose Chinese which meant we got to try a new to us place called Asian Pear Buffet. It’s an all you can eat buffet and we did and it was surprisingly good. Their dessert selection was poor though and since it was snowing a little outside we all figured it was a good night for a Blizzard so we bravely ventured off into Rutland to the closest DQ.

Dessert may have been the tipping point for Janet, I’m not sure, but twenty minutes after arriving back at Connect she started complaining of a sore tummy. She said the pain was on her lower left side and was sharp. This has happened before and I almost took Janet to the hospital, but that time she hadn’t gone to the bathroom for a while so I was concerned about that. She is much closer to regular now so I figured we could ride this one out longer as she wasn’t feverish or responsive to pain stimuli. Almost an hour later she was still saying it hurt so I told her we were going to KGH. That got her really upset and may have motivated her to stretch out on her bed which I believe started her recovery. She was soon asleep for twenty minutes and when she woke she was feeling ok, tired but ok. I helped her get her PJ’s on then into bed where she finally seemed comfortable. It was late enough that I had to ring the night staff to let me out of the building but that was good as I was able to give Chelsea an update from what Tiffany told her and suggest she check on Janet in a couple hours. I’m confident that whatever it was is over and Janet will have a good night of rest. Praying for complete healing and thanking Jesus for the ability to experience his grace, love and mercy.

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