The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #torpedo

Renovation Day 38. The floors are done! Very happy with the look and the install. There’s one little patch of vinyl tile to be done over the trap door access to the crawl space and that’s it. I got all the old switches and plugs changed out and just have a few new ones to do when Randy gives the all clear. I actually had a couple hours of just me in the house this afternoon and I quite enjoyed that. Good thing, as tomorrow will be the complete opposite as the appliances arrive along with the blinds and the plumber and the electrician. Fun!

I met Janet as she was getting off the bus at the pool this morning and she was a little grumpy, saying, “I don’t like getting ready for all this stuff”. By the time we were getting changed she was happier but dreading the cold water. Thankfully the pool was the warmest it’s been for us and Janet was comfortable after just a few minutes. She swam really well today, faster than ever a couple of times. So fast she blew right by me like a torpedo and I just let her go this time as she is able to grab the edge of the pool and stand herself up. Her walking was decent today too. Her right leg wasn’t totally cooperating but as she walked half the width of the pool and up a couple stairs I thought her mechanics were quite good with minimal hopping. Every time we go there is improvement. Janet still isn’t totally buying into her accomplishments but had lots of smiles and laughs as people commented on her speed of swimming and her ability to roll from back to tummy and swim under the lane dividers. She went into the pool grumpy and came out relaxed and quite happy.

Janet was about to get into the Standing Frame and help make pizzas when I got to Connect later in the afternoon. She was not thrilled with the idea but did it and got a good workout in the process. Her positioning in the Standing Frame is different in this situation and she is forced to stand on her own more with the machine there to help keep balance. Fifteen minutes is about her maximum and the busier she is the better. Chopping peppers was not much fun but decorating everyone’s pizzas was. Eating them of course was better yet.

Just before dinner Janet called her brother Mike to wish him a happy birthday and had a pretty good conversation with him. There were lots of laughs, as usual, and some long term memory recall but thankfully no singing. Janet very willingly climbed onto the bike this evening and tied her personal best. That ride and the swim this morning along with the Standing Frame session took a toll on Janet and she faded quickly as we watched X Factor tonight. She was a almost asleep as I stretched her legs before lights out. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep that brings complete healing and lots of energy for tomorrow.

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