The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #independent

Renovation Day 37. Flooring guys are making huge progress and have only the Den/second bedroom left to do. I’m sleeping on the new floor in the master bedroom and have been able to ditch the tarp I had under me to protect the mats from being punctured. The plumber was here today as well and will return Friday to finish his part of the job. Randy was busy off site building vanities and shelves while I was able to do more electrical stuff.

Janet had an early appointment at KGH with Julie to adjust her splint so I went out to Connect to get her for that. Jess had her ready and Janet was bright and cheery and knew what we were doing. Julie was impressed by the effect the Botox has had on Janet’s right wrist and fingers. They are very relaxed and easily stretched so she was able to reshape the splint to a fairly flat profile which happens to fit in the sleeve of Janet’s new jacket. As planned.

We stopped by the house quickly so Janet could see the new floor. She’s very happy. I returned her to Connect so her and Jess could make Apple Danish for SHElife tonight. When I returned at four Janet was still in bed, she said she’d been there a long time but hadn’t slept. According to the staff notes, she went to lay down at one and Janet said she didn’t ring for help as she didn’t want to bother anyone. Gotta work on changing that. She very excitedly told me about a little test Mary Lou gave her today during Speech. It sounded a lot like the one Connie gave her way back when she first went to Rehab. Mary Lou had given the same test when Janet arrived at Connect almost eleven months ago and she failed it miserably. Janet was very proud to tell me she “got them all right today” and patted herself on the back. High five!

Before leaving for the evening Janet managed to squeeze in a short and outstanding bike ride, again patting herself on the back. The successes continued over dinner as Janet had excellent control of her chop sticks tonight. All reports are that SHElife was good and Janet felt she contributed fine and enjoyed the discussion. So ends another busy and successful day. Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and for Janet to gain complete control of her right leg.

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