The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #walking

Renovation Day 36. Great change in the house today as the flooring install has begun. The crew were late arriving after their truck broke down but they managed to get more done than I anticipated and expect to be completely finished Friday. Randy spent the day building drawers and shelves out if his home and I continued changing out plugs and switches. Probably more of the same tomorrow.


A sleepy looking Janet was waiting for me in the living room at Connect when I finally rolled in. She was not interested in a nap and started to perk up as we discussed her day and how we’d spend the rest of it. The first smile came when I asked her about singing with John. She lit right up and said “that was fun” and John was pleased with the lyrics I had printed off for them. Janet said she sang pretty well and they both enjoyed the new material.

Talking about singing got Janet in a good enough mood to go for a bike ride during which she sang along to Carly Simon’s, Your So Vain, impressing Bob who was in the gym working with Willie. I elected to keep the degree of difficulty the same on the bike today since Janet seemed a little too tired to be pushed. She tied her distance record today but did it in a faster time and I had her try the balance board again after her ride. There was the initial reluctance to do it but once on the board Janet actually insisted I let go of her so she could try on her own. I was unable to totally let go but did to the point where she was in complete control. After a few good shifts of weight I think she started thinking about it too much and she stalled.

In the Standing Frame after dinner Janet was able to put weight through her right leg and kept it there at east each time I checked. She didn’t argue with me about doing any of her exercises today and that made for a more fun time together. In fact I would say Janet was rather cooperative today. I hope it continues. We read some Not a Fan in preparation for SHElife tomorrow and Janet grasped some good talking points from what we read. The day caught up to her as we relaxed with the last of the leftover Halloween candy. Janet barely made it through The Voice however both of our contestants made it through to the top ten.

Praying for a restful and healing night and more control of her right leg.

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