The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #Team Save Janet #Remember

Renovation Day 35. No long weekend for Randy as he was at the house painting kitchen cabinets today. I took another full day with Janet but plan on working the majority of the day tomorrow as the floor guys are due to start. One week from today our stuff gets moved in!

I met Janet early at Connect again, this time so we could get downtown to the Remembrance Day ceremony. I wasn’t sure if Janet wanted to go as its outside right by the lake and can be quite cold but she was up for it realizing the importance of honoring those that served and are serving “so that we can be free”. I was truly impressed by her remembering what Remembrance Day is about. Janet also impressed me by singing along to the hymns, especially Nearer My God to Thee, which she sang with a big smile even though she said she didn’t know it.


Janet survived being outside for an hour just fine and after a quick stop at the house and another big lunch at Urban Fare we drove back to Connect so Janet could get some exercise. First up was the Shuttle, which I haven’t had her on for a while and was curious to see how she’d do. I noticed maybe a slight improvement in strength and similar results for extension with Janet trying hard even as Curtis and I attempted to push her limits a little. Curtis then ran her through a good stretching routine including a few new ones designed to improve the lateral movement in Janet’s legs.

While we waited for a Skype chat with Heather I quizzed Janet on some family geography and she did quite well except she still is getting Heather and Leslie mixed up. There was no confusion during the Skype chat, in fact it was one of the better ones with Heather for sure.

Back in the gym it was bike ride time and Janet set another personal best, reaching the two mile mark for the first time ever. I’m thrilled with her progress on the bike and tomorrow will up the difficulty of pedaling and see how she does with that. Dinner was early and quiet leading into a good Standing Frame session with Janet putting weight through her right leg for most of the time she was up.

Having all of her exercises crammed into the last part of the day was a challenge and Janet performed very well. We enjoyed watching most of The Voice but Janet couldn’t last through the whole thing and willingly was lights out at ten ending a very diversely busy day. Praying for a deep and healing sleep providing lots of energy for tomorrow’s activities.

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