The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Thai

Renovation Day 33. Randy spent the day grouting the backsplash in the kitchen, looks awesome, and priming the cabinets for painting. I finished installing lights and started changing plug outlets and switches after finally figuring out how to reconnect the doorbell. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest.

I met Janet as she was stuck trying to get into her bathroom and was about to call for help. I love that she’s trying these things on her own. Janet is getting more comfortable using the iPhone and iPad and she called her mom to set up a Skype chat that went well. They hadn’t talked for a couple weeks as Mary/Gaga and Keith were in the Bahamas for a little vacation. Janet was happy to get caught up then agreed to a bike ride before going to church and blew me away when she started at 34RPM and stayed in that range for a good ten minutes. She finished with a personal best 1.6 mile ride in twenty five minutes. The timer was set for thirty minutes but I let her stop sooner since she’d beaten her record.

Church tonight was very cool as its baptism weekend at Trinity. We witnessed about fifteen mostly young people get baptized and share their stories. Some of the stories were quite moving and Janet enthusiastically cheered for each person after they got dunked. She really enjoyed the different format of the service tonight and stood for the longest time yet, even shifting weight a little onto the right leg at times. After another Home Depot run we went to try out a new to us restaurant and were very impressed. <a href="http://

20131107-002050.jpg“>Mon Thong served very yummy Vietnamese food that except for one slightly spicy dish was gobbled up by a hungry Janet. We returned to Connect for dessert and a surprise Skype chat with Laurel, Raj and Cam. Janet was very excited to talk to them even though it was almost bedtime and she thought it was nice of them to think of calling her.

Throughout my time with Janet today her right leg was in varying states of stiffness. Most of the time she was able to control it enough that it stayed on the wheelchair footrest. When she was cold and tired it dragged on the ground. I warned her that tomorrow we’d be doing the parallel bars and she’s not that excited about it so hopefully I can convince her to try. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep that brings increased strength and flexibility.

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