The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #renos

Renovation Day 32. Big day today! The bathroom and laundry area floors are in! That enabled Frank the plumber to install one of the new toilets and change out most of the poly B pipe in the house. I finished installing LED pot lights and have two flush mount fixtures to go and the lighting will be done except for accent lights in and around some cabinets. Dave the painter is finished except for base boards and some touch ups. Randy completed the backsplash in the kitchen and I must say Janet picked a good one!

With so much going on at the house today I didn’t get to Connect until after four and Janet was waiting in the living room. She remembered I might be late so she wasn’t worried. After catching up on the day she surprisingly agreed to a bike ride in which she tied her personal best. I thought for sure she’d break it and think the machine was unfair to her the last six minutes of her ride in not giving her as much distance as at first. Never the less Janet seemed pleased with her efforts and obviously got a cardio workout in the process.

Janet not only ate a big dinner tonight, she ate rather speedily and when I commented on that she thought I was weird. Usually she’s a pretty methodical eater and tonight her plate was clean in no time. There was room for apple pie and ice cream though. Yummy.

While filling out a questionnaire on Janet’s abilities to perform certain tasks we came across a question on managing finances. Janet was quite indignant that I think she can’t handle her money and repeatedly stated she could. Prior to getting sick Janet was an excellent money manager and I’ve assumed she would be completely incompetent in that area now. I might be wrong though. After a lengthy and intelligent conversation we agreed that I would let Janet know each time her CPPD payment is deposited and she will assist in determining how that money is designated. I’m curious to see how this goes and expect her to be able to take some responsibility for household decisions.

Our evening finished off with some TV and Janet was quite upset neither The Voice or X Factor was on but that left more time to chat with the other residents and staff. Janet was relatively quiet tonight and called her own bedtime just after nine. Praying for a night of uninterrupted sleep and complete healing of her right leg.

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