The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #walking

Renovation Day 31. Just a little shopping for me today as there were lots of Janet things going on. Randy and Dave were both busy all day and it looks to me like we’re close to finishing the painting and the kitchen appears close to where Randy can start building doors and drawers.

I met Janet and the gang at the pool this morning and found Janet to be in a good mood albeit not too excited to go swimming. After the cold water the last couple of weeks I can’t blame her for the loss of enthusiasm and am glad she still is willing to go. Thankfully the water was noticeably warmer today and Janet was comfortable after five minutes or so. Walking in this pool is still really challenging as her right leg just stiffens right up from the cold. Swimming on the other hand is spectacular as Janet realizes she can generate some warmth by moving around. During one length, she was swimming so fast on her back I actually couldn’t keep up to her and she shot past a group of people like a torpedo. She was smiling all the way too.

We visited our local Urban Fare for lunch after swimming and Janet polished off a massive and very tasty wrap before we stopped by the house to let the dog out and give Janet a peak. I wheeled her in with her eyes shut hoping to get her to the very yellow bedroom before she opened them but she couldn’t resist and opened them in the kitchen. She was very happy with what she saw, even the bedroom, saying “it’s so nice and bright and cheery”. That’s a great critique on a dull and almost snowy day so my color fears have been put to rest.

As soon as we got back to Connect we met with Tez at the parallel bars. Janet has tried various routines on this apparatus before and was quite vocal about not doing it again but we assured her this time would be different. And it was. A lot of what’s holding Janet back from standing and walking is a lack of confidence and a fear of falling. Tez put her in a sling that allows her to walk and fall safely. Kind of like a Jolly Jumper with less seat. Janet was really nervous at first but by the end of the session walked the length of the parallel bars pretty much on her own. Tez allowed her to fall a few times to prove she couldn’t really fall and I think Janet started to believe it a little. The plan over the next while is to focus on getting weight through her right leg in hopes it will relearn to do what it’s supposed to do. Tez is hopeful that using the leg as it normally would, i.e. walking, will facilitate that relearning. This is a big move forward and if Janet agrees to work hard at this and if her brain can rewire her right leg some more this could be a turning point in her physical recovery.

Wes was very proud that he ate more than Janet at dinner tonight as Janet was still full from lunch. She worked some of that off with a bike ride before watching The Voice to round out the day. This was the first results show and both of our picks survived. Praying for a restful and healing night that provides lots of energy and a positive attitude for tomorrow.

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