The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Yellow

Renovation Day 30. Things are happening quickly now. I bought the new toilets today as once the new bathroom floor is in on Friday they can be installed. More LED lights went in as well. Randy was able to cut the countertops today and it looks really good. Having that done enabled Janet and I to go shopping for backsplash tiles, something I hadn’t thought about before at all. The first store we went to Janet liked a design that was $30 a square foot. The salesperson was honest and suggested we look at Home Depot before buying so off we went. They’re starting to get to know me there and almost immediately Janet saw a design she liked with a sticker price of only $6.97. When we got to the check out it rang in as $4.20! Love it. Dave made a lot of progress with painting and we now have the first rooms done in Janet yellow. Here’s a look at the master bedroom and the new closet. Ignore the blinds, they’re being replaced.

Janet hasn’t seen it yet and I’m hoping she still likes the color. It’s very yellow.

Janet was waiting for me in the living room and we quickly took off to do the tile shopping. She was able to tell me a lot about her day so far which was full of the usual activities along with a “yucky” lunch. She chose sushi for dinner which we did right after the tile shopping then it was off to SHElife. The whole afternoon Janet was very conversant, remembering what we were shopping for and putting a lot of thought into her choices of tiles. I am glad she still has her Color Wizard skills. She remembered what she wanted to discuss at SHElife and confidently greeted Heidi as we got to her table. When I picked her up two and a half hours later Heidi said Janet had stood up during the worship set at the start of the evening. As the music started Janet tried getting up and with the assistance of her table mates she got up and stayed up for a little more than two songs. Janet told me later she enjoyed the evening and “was allowed to talk” and felt she had a really good discussion on a number if points. She was surprised to learn that a lot of others have the same questions and feelings she has. Good stuff.

To wind down the evening we watched the last half hour of X Factor and Janet actually remembered a couple of the contestants even though we haven’t watched for at least two weeks. She faded rapidly while getting ready for bed and was pretty much asleep right after our prayers. Praying for a restful night, lots of energy for tomorrow and lots more strength and control of her right leg.

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