The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Botox

Renovation Day 29. Lots of painting and prepping for more painting. Since some of the ceilings are finished I was able to install some of the LED lights. Looking good.

Kieran had Janet counting reps for him as he tried to do some crunches in the living room when I arrived at Connect. He apparently thinks its cool Janet can count. Old news. Tez stopped by as we were chatting and arranged to spend time with Janet and I Thursday afternoon to develop a plan of attack for this latest Botox round. He mentioned the focus will be on standing and strengthening her right leg. Brian mentioned that Dr. McCann is using Janet as a case study during a dinner for Botox type professionals tonight. Janet’s positive response to Botox treatment has been impressive and its cool her story will be shared but I think she and I should’ve been invited to the dinner in honor of that. Don’t you?

Janet chose to read Not a Fan before dinner instead of going for a bike ride, a decision she later regretted. Once again we had a very interesting discussion on what we read and I think Janet will be able to participate well at SHElife tomorrow. While the final preparations for dinner were being made I noticed Janet using her increased social skills to talk to Wes and Kieran instead of staring blankly into space like she used to. She looked totally comfortable and at home sitting at the table in a real chair conversing with them about how much more she eats than Wes. She was teasing him and he was loving every minute of it. Janet’s conversational skills were put to further use after dinner when she struck up a half hearted argument about going for a bike ride. She gave in quickly and put in a very solid performance and agreed she does better before dinner so will try to do it that way more often.

Praying for rest, strength and confidence.

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