The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #joy

Renovation Day 28. Painting has begun! The ceiling in the living room, master bedroom and both bathrooms has been painted. The kitchen and den/second bedroom are scheduled for tomorrow. The wallpaper was removed from the main bathroom and right away it became clear as to why the previous owners installed that wallpaper. The walls underneath are painted pink! That means at one time that room had pink walls and a pink tile floor. Yikes!

I managed to sneak up on Janet this afternoon as she waited for me in the living room. We played a little game of tag circling the fireplace until I let her find me. She was in a great mood and since it was so nice and sunny out I thought it would be good to test her new jacket. Short trips to and from the car don’t really tell us how warm the jacket is keeping her but a long walk would for sure and I figured sunny and eight degrees was a pretty safe try.

Surprisingly enough Janet complained her arms were cold after about ten minutes. She had a long sleeve sweater on so I am not sure how we can improve that. We’ll try again sometime soon and see if it continues.

Janet set another personal best on the bike today going a mile and a half in twenty five minutes. It’s so much fun watching her ride and enjoy it. Here’s an example.

Feeling good after her ride and with time to wait before dinner we decided to read some Not a Fan. Janet continues to impress me by how much she comprehends, is able to relate to and discuss and also to read. We had an awesome discussion about the chapter we read and each comment and question Janet had was right on point. Fun.

After dinner I asked Janet to practice standing and putting weight onto her right leg. That didn’t go so well tonight as Janet tired very quickly, I think somewhat due to a lack of confidence on this subject. The Botox has totally kicked in on her right arm and I’m seeing some change in her right leg in that she’s not flamingoing anymore. I think we’ll go see Julie to get the splint adjusted again soon.

Before watching The Voice we made our bet as to who we think is going to win. Janet picked a good one who performed tonight, my choice performs tomorrow and after seeing Janet’s pick I’m not so confident.

Today was a fun day with a very cheery Janet who continues to improve before my eyes. Praying for strengthening of her right leg and restoration of the use of her right arm and hand.


  1. Great photo!! Janet you look so relaxed and happy … even if your arms are cold. My Dad always said keeping your feet warm was the best way to keep your whole body warm. That meant I got new boots every winter.

    I painted my laundry room this week. New washer and dryer coming tomorrow.

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