The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Sleep

Renovation Day 25. Same old story today with an adjustment to the appliance delivery date. Dave the painter stopped by today and in discussion with him it was decided to keep the appliances away until November 15 to give him time to finish and the flooring guys to get most of their work done too. Makes sense.

Janet was napping when I got to Connect this afternoon and after I snuck in she went back to sleep for well over an hour which I didn’t mind as I got to lay on a bed for something different to do. Once up it was bike ride time with Janet repeating her claim of not going to do well. She tied her personal best and powered through without complaining. Garrett reported that he had her in the gym earlier for a Shuttle session and a really intense stretching routine. Janet also did the Standing Frame earlier so I took it easy on her tonight with one exception. I really want her to gain more control of her right leg and expect improvement once the Botox clicks in. Maybe knowing she got Botoxed helped as there was improvement already tonight. I had Janet standing at the stripper pole and lifting her right foot off the ground as high as she could then pushing back to the floor as much as she could. She thought it was silly and impossible but she did quite well. She was even able to lift her left foot and put some weight onto her right leg while doing so. Of course she was hanging onto the pole for dear life the whole time but still it’s a good start.

After dinner I brought out some leftover Halloween candy as did Kieran and the table had a candy feast for dessert. I protected Janet’s Tootsie Rolls so she defaulted to her second favourite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

We watched a little of the BC, Calgary football game in hopes they would show the halftime show in which our friend Rachel was performing.

No luck, but heres a picture from Twitter. Can you see her? Janet then wanted to get ready for bed so I could read to her. She lasted about a page and was snoring.

Praying for a night of deep and healing sleep and more control of her right leg.

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