The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #SHElife

Renovation Day 23. Randy accomplished a lot today mudding and taping the new closets and the area where the washer used to be. I did more prep for painting. It’s coming along.

When I got to Connect this afternoon Jess told me Janet went down for a nap half an hour earlier so I left her be for a while in hopes she would sleep. When I finally went into her room she was laying there with a big smile on her face as she knew it was me trying to sneak in. She said she didn’t sleep at all and wished I was there earlier. I used that as an opportunity to tell her if she knew hoe to use her iPad she could’ve messaged me that she was awake. She saw some value in that but wasn’t ready to start learning just yet.

Janet’s day up until that point seems to have been one of refusal as she refused lunch and refused a shower but she agreed to a bike ride before leaving for dinner and SHElife. Once again she beat her personal best easily, even after saying “I don’t think I’m going to do well this time” as she started. She looked very confident and has good technique on the bike and I dare say looks as though she’s enjoying herself.

Having not eaten very much for lunch I made sure we ordered lots of sushi tonight for Janet and she certainly didn’t refuse any of that. All fuelled up I dropped her off at SHElife with a few ideas of what to talk about if given the chance. Two hours later she was still engaged in conversation with Heidi and smiling. Janet says she enjoyed the evening and managed to contribute although not all of what we talked about ahead of time. I’m very glad Janet has the opportunity to attend this program and connect with other ladies. Good stuff.

It was nine thirty by the time we rolled into Connect so Janet got right onto her meds then got ready for bed. Praying for a night of deep sleep and healing that provides tons of energy for a busy and fun day tomorrow.

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