The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #TrinityKelowna

Renovation Day 19 was a short one as I did some shopping at Home Depot and Randy left early to take his daughter to the airport for her mission trip to Haiti. We wish her well and will be interested to find out later if she gets to the town where our two sponsor children are. That would be cool.

Yesterday I told the story of nurse Arlene buying our washer and dryer and my hopes that Janet could meet her, so when Arlene said she was coming by around three I made sure I had Janet here by then. She had just finished a Standing Frame session and was ready to go feeling a little unsure of what to expect from Arlene. We got to the house and I tested Janet on the placement of key kitchen items and had her move herself around as much as possible in between the piles of sawdust and tools. She did well and I didn’t notice any areas that will be too tight for her.

Arlene arrived on time and was overwhelmed to see Janet who greeted her with a big big smile that only Janet can show. They had a nice chat while Arlene’s friend and I loaded the machines onto his truck. ArleneJanet
I’m really glad Janet got to meet Arlene and see what a kind, caring and positive person she is and to recognize that people like her played a huge role in her recovery.

With some time to use before church we headed out to One Board Shop to see if there was a good winter Jacket for Janet. Already she is complaining about being cold even with her winter coat on so it was time to at least have a look. Janet spotted one she liked right away and it turned out to be the warmest one in the store. The only negative to it is I can’t get it on her with her splint on right now. It’ll be fine once the splint is shaped back to a more flat profile but right now it doesn’t work. Being warm is more important though.

Janet agreed to sit in a pew at church tonight for the first time and that enabled her to stand on her own for almost all of the first two songs as she could easily grab the back of the pew in front to help her get up. Very cool. Wayne’s message was thought provoking and Janet and I had a good discussion about prayer afterwards. Dinner was at a very noisy Red Robin as we just wanted something fast and cheep tonight. I think we’ll leave that place now until the patio opens again.

Jess has been dressing Janet with a t shirt under her regular shirt in hopes that would be warmer for Janet and it has been so tonight we stopped at Superstore to get some cheep t shirts for that purpose. As soon as Janet saw the Halloween candy she got all emotional and upset that we weren’t going to get to hand out candy this year. Barb and Gary kindly came to our rescue and we will be taking some candy over to their house so we can help them treat the little monsters Thursday night. Should be fun.We bought some candy and I made sure to get some Tootsie Rolls for Janet and showing no will power at all she ate three of them tonight. She did share though and I’ve taken the rest for Halloween.

We got back to Connect kind of late so we just watched a little TV while Janet took her meds then it was bedtime. Praying for lots of rest tonight and an energetic day tomorrow.

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