The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #demolition

Day one of the renovation project at our new house was definitely a day of demolition. Randy wasted no time in taking apart the main closet. I thought that was a reasonable goal for today but he also got the kitchen dismantled as well! Here’s what it looked like by 5pm.

I got to Connect as everyone was eating dinner and having Nash with me brought out the “ahh’s” and “he’s so cute” from most. I’m not ready to leave him in the new house yet so he’ll be travelling to Connect each day for the next while.

Janet was in a good mood until the word gym was mentioned. She fought long and hard against going but ended up making a real nice effort on the Shuttle and doing some nice free standing. I wasn’t going to upset her again so didn’t push the Standing Frame. We sat on the couch together and watched The Voice. Neither of us has been blown away by any of the talent yet but Janet still loves the show.

Tomorrow promises to be busy for me so I’m praying Janet has lots of energy and a willingness to work hard so she has a productive day.

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