The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #cold

From a secret location very close to Janet.

Swimming day! I was looking forward to seeing how fun the outing to the Y would be and can now see a lot of value in the trip as far as socializing goes. The swimming aspect was not good compared to KGH as Janet found the water in the big pool to be way too cold. I agree and after the session we went wet suit shopping for her. I think there’s huge benefit to Janet going out to public places like that and if she needs a wet suit in order to do it, so be it. Despite the cold water at first she agreed to try the kiddie pool which was warm enough and just deep enough to allow her to swim and it didn’t take long for the smile to come to her face. Janet didn’t totally relax until she was in the hot tub a half hour later though. That was the most social area and I had to almost coax Janet out of there twenty minutes later.

Since we were now going shopping we went out for lunch to Red Robin in hopes of sitting outside. Alas, even though today was nice, there have been enough ugly ones lately for them to close their patio already. We still had a nice lunch and I was able to let Janet eat without being covered in napkins. As long as she thinks about what she’s doing she spills a lot less food now and I can see the potential for being bib free one day. Wet suits are not easy to find in Kelowna but the local dive shop has ordered one in for her to try next week. Here’s hoping.

Back at Connect after a short car nap Janet mustered enough energy for a Skype chat with Heather then asked to have a nap. She woke up from her “nap” quite grumpy and argumentative. I don’t think she slept at all and when she’s tired she gets upset with herself and her situation. Even with the bad attitude she wanted to get her exercises over with and once into the Shuttle routine she started to cheer up. There was a little complaining during the Standing Frame but she still made it through the forty five minutes. We had dinner on our own as it was seven o’clock by the time Janet was ready and everyone else had long since finished. I let her chose the activities the rest of the night and after watching X Factor she asked to get ready for bed. More evidence she likely didn’t nap this afternoon.

So ends another pretty busy day and if you take out the late afternoon melt down, a good one for Janet. Praying for a rejuvenating sleep and a positive day tomorrow.

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