The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #newcar

From a secret location really close to Janet.

Since I’m staying so close to Janet I finally had a complete day with her. The morning was a bit of a scramble as I had some organizing of stuff that wouldn’t fit into the Big Steel Box to do before I could fit Janet into the car and go to church. This was Janet’s first ride in the new car since it became ours. She got in easily and was very comfy especially with the heated seats on. It is Fall here now for sure you know. Janet even commented on the smooth ride compared to the Vibe and even loaded down with stuff and her it was a fun drive in to church. Here’s a pic of Janet in the new ride.

Any guesses as to what car we bought? If you don’t know I’ll include a more revealing picture tomorrow. Of the car that is.

Church was great with lots of lively easy to sing to music that Janet seemed to really enjoy and all the folks sitting around us this morning were very friendly even though we only know one of them. That’s the way it ought to be right? Following the service we did what a lot of Kelowna types do after church, head to the Mall. Janet was in need of shoes and long sleeve shirts so after lunch she got to shop. A successful trip it was that gave us time to do a little shopping for the new house as well. Not wanting to shop around much we trusted Sears Home to back up their product like they usually do and bought a bed and will go back for a fridge, wall oven and cook top unless the new kitchen plans change drastically. Janet was fading a little by the end of the Sears visit but it was good having her there to ensure the bed we bought wasn’t too high for her like our previous one was.

Back at Connect Janet had a good phone conversation with her mom. I heard strong reminders of what she sounded like talking on the phone before the aneurysm especially in her laugh. Following the phone call she insisted on going to the gym before dinner so off we went and she had a good Shuttle session although I am noticing an increase in stiffness on her right leg. She said it hurt as I stretched her. Could be a lack of Botox, not sure. Janet tolerated the Standing Frame very well then after dinner helped sort out her clothes so she is winter ready and has summer put away. Sad.

Since she didn’t get a nap this afternoon Janet was tired early tonight and asked to get ready for bed at eight o’clock. We had joined the masses and watched the finale of Breaking Bad before that, a show neither of us had seen before and even though Janet didn’t understand it she wasn’t turned off by it either. Maybe we can be a little more adventurous in our movie choices now as long as she can follow the story. 14A perhaps? After reading an entire chapter of Not a Fan to her, Janet was ready for lights out. I’m looking forward to her being able to discuss the book with others starting Wednesday night.

Praying for a long and restful sleep tonight and lots of energy tomorrow.

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