The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Seahawks #SeavsJax #LastDay #WNTW

The last full day at San Michelle Rd for Janet.
San Michelle Rd.
I thought it might be more nostalgic than it was,I think I’m starting to feel the emotion more than Janet is. The first part of the day was the usual breakfast while watching the Green Bay vs Cincinnati football game and as soon as breakfast was done we switched gears and started packing. I was concerned Janet would not have enough to do and feel like she was contributing but managed to keep her busy until Skype time with Heather. I talked more than Janet did for once as I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the packing and stuff going on. Lunch took place as the Seahawks vs Jacksonville game started. Knowing this game should be a blow out for us I didn’t make special plans to watch the whole thing. We had it on in the background as we packed, Skyped with Leslie, packed, took a break and packed some more. We got a lot done today and by four o’clock Janet was ready for a nap and the Seahawks were winning easily.

I got Janet up in time for a brief visit from our friend Randy. He presented us with a pretty cool concept for our kitchen at the new house. It would be nice and open and easy to access and use for Janet and that’s the whole point. I will show Brian the plan and as long as he doesn’t see anything glaringly wrong from his OT perspective we’ll go ahead. I offered Janet wine with her last dinner here but she declined so that leaves more celebratory wine for when we move into the new place.

We managed a little more packing tonight before the final hot tub which lasted extra long as Janet was getting all worked up about her exercises at Connect being too hard and her not getting any better. We had a really good talk about it all and I was able to point out a lot of improvements that Janet actually agreed with which in itself is an improvement. Ice cream finished off the night along with an episode of What Not to Wear (Janet’s choice) that I actually found interesting as it was a behind the scenes episode. It wasn’t as interesting to Janet though as she was asleep before the final reveal.

My plan was to do some standing exercises with Janet today but we never got there at all and I noticed her right leg being a lot more relaxed this afternoon. I wonder if there is some benefit to resting a little more? During her standing transfers today her right foot was much flatter on the floor than yesterday too. It could be she felt warmer today or more rested I don’t’ know but I was a little relieved to see it.

Praying for a good night of healing rest and for lots of energy for tomorrow.

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