The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #mad #stubborn

Our time together today started out really well. Janet was doing her usual lay awake in bed routine when I arrived and after a little chat time she agreed to humor me by going car shopping. We certainly don’t need another project but can’t take two vehicles to the new house so it would be nice to find the right next car and get on with it. I’ve decided against a second wheelchair for Janet so that means our car has to accommodate her rigid one without folding rear seats or anything like that. The choices are very limited. Or so I thought. We stopped first at Kelowna Ford to ask about the Ford C-Max, which seemed very promising except no one in the Okanagan plans on selling them and there are only a handful in all of Canada. On a previous visit the salesperson figured the Escape was the car for us but deferred to my concern about height preventing Janet from getting in and out on her own. Today he stuck by his theory so we tried one. Shockingly Janet can get in and out no problem and of course there’s lots of room for the wheelchair. Since the Escape fits I think we now have to look at some other small SUVs before deciding. More shopping!

Dinner was ready as soon as we got back to Connect and following that we made the trek to the gym. Even though Janet agreed to go she put up a real fight against going on the Shuttle. Her stubborn side really came out and I wasn’t sure I was going to win the battle but did eventually. I really have a difficult time with her saying things like, “I’m going to quit” and “nothing is working” or “it doesn’t matter”. Fortunately I was able to talk her into doing it this time but later on I failed big time.

After the Shuttle always comes the standing frame and Janet’s attitude towards that was way better. Watching TV is about the only thing she can or wants to do while in the Standing Frame and tonight’s session ran into the first half hour of X Factor, a show Janet loves. Looking back I shouldn’t have let her watch as much of it as I did. It would’ve been way better to read or play some games. Earlier in the day it was agreed that Janet would go swimming with the other residents tomorrow morning and when I reminded her of that at bedtime we got into a very childish argument about it. Janet of course took the “no I’m not” role, and I the “yes you are” one. Unfortunately there weren’t too many more intelligent words spoken and for the first time I can remember, I left the room angry. I’m disappointed in how I handled the evening and need to remind myself what I tell Janet often, that she is there to work hard at getting better. Watching two hours of TV is not working at getting better and I need to keep her doing something productive.

Praying for a positive day tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Larry..don’t be too hard on yourself! Also, think it is good to let Janet win a few battles and then you can remind her that she had her way last now it is your turn to be the winner. What you are doing takes incredible patience, keep praying for the help you need and God will deliver! Annette

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