The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #Connect #swimming

Our first night of “camping” went quite well and Janet awoke at a decent time feeling like she slept reasonably. She says she never heard any of the thunder last night but I sure did. We eased through the morning reading and planning out the week ahead before getting ready for swimming at KGH.

Janet’s pool sessions today were solid but not outstanding and she continues to show the most enjoyment in just swimming around. Something she’s getting very good at. Her right leg was in a very floaty mood today which caused Janet to hop a lot as opposed to walking. Her willingness to try hasn’t diminished and I can tell she’s getting stronger, I just hope her control of that leg increases a lot and soon.

In a good mood and not showing signs of tiring, Janet had lunch then helped me with some packing. She found the packing to be fun and challenging and sad at the end because she knew we were then heading back to Connect. I think part of her resistance this time was knowing there’s lots going on at home and not wanting to miss out. We also went back to Connect earlier than usual today to try and give Janet more time to settle back in in the hope she’ll sleep better and have lots of energy for Tuesday. After an initial little meltdown and a good effort on the Shuttle Janet had a pretty good evening. We even got in a nice little after dinner walk followed by some really straight Standing Frame work. As I said goodnight to Janet she told me she’d be showering in the morning and having to do her exercises all over again. She wasn’t happy about those things but I’m glad she can see ahead to the fact she’ll be doing them.

Praying for lots of energy tomorrow.

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