The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #seahawks #snf #dqblizzard #camping

Janet slept well last night and was pretty lively this morning enjoying breakfast conversation with Laurel while I helped a couple load our bed onto their trailer. I placed an ad to sell our bed a couple days ago not wanting to get stuck moving it and had seven enquiries about it just like that. I guess I priced it right. Tonight then is our first night of “camping”. Janet napped this afternoon on the downstairs sofa bed and is snoring on it as I write this. The only hassle about this arrangement is I have to carry her downstairs but there’s only two more nights for her in this house so its no big deal.

There weren’t quite as many trips to the bathroom this morning but Janet was still busy there and by the time she was done and our bed was gone it was pretty much lunchtime. There was time for a little exercise though and Janet did some good standing on her own. I had hoped she’d demo some of the yoga she did at Connect the other day but no go. Her right foot wasn’t cooperating that well today but I think we gave it a good little workout.

We elected to bring home sushi for lunch and enjoyed it outside on another beautiful late summer day. Courtney and her friend arrived just as we finished, to haul away more of our stuff. Glad we can find a home for things, now the house is really starting to look like we’re moving.

Laurel for some strange reason wanted to go back to Calgary today but she owed me a Blizzard from a previous NBA bet and it was time to settle. Of course Janet benefitted too as we all tried the new Snickers Blizzard. Janet says it was the best ever, I say Skor still rules.


Janet and I considered going car shopping after DQ but she wasn’t feeling that well so I got her home and into bed for a good nap. She was well rested and ready to watch the Seahawks beat the 49ers on Sunday Night Football and we had a good Skype chat with Andrew during the one hour lighting delay. Halftime was the perfect time for a hot tub and we spent the fourth quarter with Janet’s legs in the extenders and her remembering she’d had a Blizzard earlier so denying herself ice cream tonight.

Praying for lots of rest and a stronger and more responsive right leg.

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