The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #hyundai #laurel #pizza #okanagan #SYTYCD

Summer continues here in the Okanagan so I was a little disappointed to find Janet in pants and a long sleeve shirt this afternoon. She insisted on keeping them on even as I tried to explain it was thirty two degrees outside. Before we got home she was asking me to roll up her sleeves because she was hot. Stubborn.

We weren’t in a rush to do anything today so on the way home we stopped at Kelowna Hyundai to do a little car shopping. Unlike other car lots we’ve been to, we got service pretty quick and the guy pointed us to a car that actually suits are needs very well. Janet can get in and out easily and even did her seatbelt up unassisted while I put the wheelchair in the back without folding seats down. The car drives well and seems to make a lot of sense, even the price is good. It just isn’t very sexy. It’s a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring. Not bad looking but not a wow car either. Quite plain Jane on the inside and no sunroof. Janet was quite comfortable during our test drive and any new car has to be mostly right for her and not me so we will consider this one or something similar. Anyone know a comparable car? I think Mazda makes one close to it?

The car shopping got us home right at dinner making time and Janet built what I believe is her best pizza yet. No coaching on opening the can of sauce. No coaching on anything other than making sure she got toppings in the middle as well as around the outside and she needed a little help with some slippery sun dried tomatoes. Out of the oven, hers looked better than mine. We managed to sneak in another dinner outside at sunset and are feeling pretty blessed that we can do that. Janet enjoyed her post dinner hot tub so much that while she was floating I let go of her completely and unlike me, she didn’t sink. She was so relaxed she kept on floating.

With Janet’s legs in the extenders we watched the finale of SYTYCD and enjoyed it very much. I thinks this was the best season ever and Janet would agree especially since her guy and girl that she picked right at the start, won! She was almost as excited as they were. Fun to see.

While Janet was brushing her teeth I heard Nash bark and get all excited so I knew someone was at the house. I asked Janet if she thought it was Laurel or a stranger. She chose stranger. Guess she can’t pick them right every time. We had a good and chatty little visit before bedtime and are looking forward to the sunny weekend with Laurel here.

Praying for lots of healing rest tonight and a productive day tomorrow.

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